Professional Reviews

Julie Sando - NPT Child and Family Coach - San Diego, CA

"Sarah is a force of nature. If you have a goal for your child she'll go after it in a fun, loving, non-judgemental, creative way! Sarah has a sharp mind with loads of experience. She always knows just what to try! At the same time she offers fun and inspiration. Get ready to move your program to the next level."

Corinne LeBlanc - Holistic Health Coach

“Sarah combines a deep love for children and a persistent belief that they can all realize their fullest potential. She has an uncanny attention to detail and is finely attuned to the subtleties of each child and tailors her approach based on their individual challenges. Her clarity of purpose radiates in the way that she speaks about each therapy that she is trained to provide. Sarah's approachability and genuine interest in what parents are seeing in their child makes her a unique asset to her field.”

Sean Williams - HANDLE Practitioner

I have known Sarah for five years. We have trained together, participated as fellow workers in projects and more recently I have been one of her trainers in her process to becoming a HANDLE®screener.

Sarah has a bubbling and natural enthusiasm that is contagious. She combines this with a desire to work hard, cooperate and communicate, and is ever open and eager to learn. In the various settings that I have known her these qualities have remained steadfast. Such a person is rare and would seem a wonderful role model for any child and especially one in a therapeutic home program."