Training Day

Each Training Day is individually designed to meet the needs of the family and child. Prior to each Training Day a schedule is created to fulfill to the parents wishes. Each Training Day can address any current challenges, provide further training and maintain progress.

Training Day Possibilities:

  • Playroom design
  • Toy selection
  • A way of thinking. (Ideas on being the most helpful frame of mind to encourage connection and the development of your child)
  • Help with getting volunteers and / or playworkers
  • Specific training on Autism at Home play techniques
  • Playroom coaching
  • Playroom demonstration
  • Goal setting (covering all areas of development)
  • Strategies to attain programme goals
  • Training in playroom techniques
  • Creating games that combine your child's motivations and goals
  • Team meetings
  • Help design your programme documentation
  • Help with funding and fund raising
  • Incorporating any therapies or goals your child may already have in place
  • Sensory integration techniques and activities
  • Incorporating HANDLE knowledge and philosophy
  • Incorporating National Curriculum Goals
  • Preparing for transition into schools